2019 HSBC Bank Canada Commercial Banking Graduate Programmer


2019 HSBC Bank Canada Commercial Banking Graduate Programmer. On our competitively paid 18-month programme, you will complete three rotations, each lasting six months. As well as equipping you with a broad experience of our Commercial Bank, the programmer will help you make contacts, give you exposure to senior leaders, fellow graduates and a diverse range of clients, and help you find where you fit best, so you can succeed in your career.

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What you can expect

Regardless of which degree discipline you have come from, we will help you build the knowledge to succeed in our Commercial Bank. With the help of senior leaders and peers, you will develop a range of skills, while building on the ones that set you apart from the competition. As our Commercial Bank operates in more than 50 countries and territories, you will have the opportunity to build an international network and collaborate with clients in both developed and developing markets.

What you will do

First, you will be introduced to our business with an induction, where you can meet people from across the world and gain an understanding of what HSBC does. You will then complete three rotations working in our Customer, Product and Credit teams. These will take place within our Relationship Management and Global Trade and Receivables Finance business areas.

It means you will be helping us by supporting our customers, which include small businesses and multinational enterprises. You will use new technologies to provide better solutions for our diverse clients and you will learn how risk management plays a big part in building client strategies. You will also have the opportunity to undertake rotations in areas such as product management and business development.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for motivated and dedicated people who are:

  • Relationship builders. Whether you are looking to build rapport with your mentor or help advise a business, you will need to be able to read people well and encourage mutual respect in sometimes high-pressured environments. This means building reliable relationships and ensuring people can count on you.
  • Curious learners. Showing a determination to learn about our Commercial Bank and the products we offer is essential in helping you build a successful career with us. It is all about becoming an expert and being able to advise clients knowledgably on our offerings.
  • Digital problem solvers. The role of a Commercial Banker is changing, becoming much more technology-focused and entrepreneurial. This means we need to be courageous and proactive when searching for better solutions and making use of the resources we have around us – such as other business areas and new technology.
  • Empathetic communicators. Our clients are at the heart of our Commercial Bank. You will do everything to support them wherever possible, forming lasting relationships that you can leverage to be able to meet customers’ individual objectives.

What can this lead to?

When you have completed the programme, you will have the chance to move into a full-time role within Relationship Management or the Global Trade and Receivables Finance teams. From there you can take advantage of our Commercial Bank’s international presence, with opportunities to progress your career into more senior roles both locally and across the world.

Job Type: Full-time

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