have you ever visited a railway station

Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station

Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station? How are they similar or dissimilar? Narrate your experience there in 200 words answering the questions.


When did you go there?

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Who accompanied you?

Why did you go there?
What did you see there?
What was very interesting to you?
What didn’t you like that much?
Add some visuals that support your ideas


Yes. I have visited the railway station recently. I am narrating my experience below.
A railway station is a place where trains stop and start. Generally, it is a platform for trains. People of different ages come here for the purpose of transportation. I also visited Kamlalor railway station for the same purpose. I have visited gone there last Friday. I have visited there at 8 am, very early in the morning. I have gone there with my father. Mainly, we visited there to go Chittagong by train for the purpose of attending the marriage ceremony of my cousin. When I have visited there I sew a crowd of men. They have been busy with their tickets and goods. I saw a lot of labor there. They were also busy with carrying the luggage of passengers. There were two guards near me. I sat on a bench when my father was busy buying tickets. The most interesting thing was that there was every class of people. Many kids were crying as they became hungry. One thing I didn’t like was that the place was very noisy and unclean. It pollutes our environment. If the authority solves the problem, it will be a nice place.

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