Scholarship In Germany

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Scholarship in Germany 2020. Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. Advancing in information technology, this country is at the top of Europe in many aspects including education. In particular, the education system of the country is very modern and up-to-date. There are many prestigious universities in the world. Let’s check the Scholarship in Germany.


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Scholarship In Germany 2020

Germany, a prosperous country in Europe, is now one of the most preferred destinations for undergraduate and postgraduate students in higher education. Zero tuition fees and scholarship benefits in education and research. At present, all types of students, including meritorious students from different parts of the world, are choosing Germany for higher education without any hesitation. Bangladeshi students are also not deprived of the opportunity to study in different universities of the country.

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Scholarships and financial opportunities

There are opportunities for higher education and research in all branches of science, sociology, and humanities at various German universities. Notable universities in Germany are the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Free University of Berlin, Heidelberg University, Ulm University, International University of Bud Hanif, etc.

Every year, 2.5 million foreign students and 23,000 Ph.D. researchers are admitted to German universities. Of this large number of students, 25 percent receive scholarships from various institutions. Many students get the opportunity to study in Germany every year through the DAAD or German Student Exchange Program.

Also, many students have the opportunity to study in Germany each year through the DAAD or German Student Exchange Program. At present, the institution is providing financial assistance to 45,000 foreign students. 70 percent of the scholarship recipients of this institution come from abroad. Undergraduate course students receive 650 euros per month, postgraduate students 750 euros and PhD researchers one thousand euros as scholarships.

Scholarship in Germany 2020

In Which Subject you can study in Germany

There are currently more than 450 higher education institutions in Germany offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD studies. There are various universities in Germany including Governance, Political Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Oncology, Communication Technology, Energy Science and Technology, Finance, Molecular Science, Studies in different languages, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

Study at your own expense

Many people are interested to know how much it costs to study in Germany at one’s own expense. The question is very simple, but it is very difficult to answer in one word! One of the reasons for this is: someone applied to a university and got an offer letter from there, while someone applied to 10 universities and came to Germany after receiving an offer letter from one. Some have applied with Uni Assist while others have applied directly to varsity.

If the chances of direct application are very low. They didn’t have to pay transfer fees and worry about the euro rate to pay their Uni Assist fees and block account money to their relatives abroad. In some cases, relatives in Germany have agreed to sponsor him, so he does not have to keep money in a block account. Again some varsity takes money separately to evaluate documents such as Hochschule Worms

Application cost

I assume that you will do all 5 applications with Uni Assist. In that case, the cost is 75 Euros in the first application, then 30 Euros for all of them. In that case, the total will be 195 Euros. I took 200 euros including the transfer cost. Which is 100 rupees Euro rate 20000 rupees? Sending documents can cost from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,500. We will hold the 2500K standard. In order to make financial transactions later, you have to open a student file in any bank in Bangladesh.

The cost of the student files is between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000. We took 15,000 rupees. In addition, the block account will cost 740 euros. To block account you have to pay a fee of 99 Euros to 200 Euros in a German bank. Once you get a part-time job, you don’t have to spend that money anymore if you have enough income. However, you have to keep Rs 864,000 in a block account at the rate of Rs 100. Which will be available for 720 euros per month.

  • Travel Insurance: Travel insurance costs between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.
  • Accessory Cost: Rs.1000 / – for photocopying, photography for Embassy etc.
  • Embassy fee: 75 euros which are more or less 7500 rupees in Bangladeshi rupees.
  • Airfare: One-way flights to Germany cost from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000.

You need to know

Every year a large number of foreign students come to Germany for higher education High-quality education is available in Germany at a low cost, However, before boarding a plane for Germany, students need to know some things

1. There are no tuition fees in public universities in 17 German states It is true, However, in this case, the condition is applicable There is an opportunity to study free of charge if you apply for a specific degree program at a public university. In that case, the foreigners have to abide by the conditions that the locals abide by Study Abroad programs, and tuition at private institutes are not free.

2. As a foreign student, the amount of work you can do in the study gap is determined Students who do not have a passport from a European Union or EU country can work 120 full days or 240 half days a year. Besides, no more than 20 hours per week can be worked during the semester Good thing, don’t secretly try to do extra work If caught, it can be a big problem

3. Hopefully, there are various grants and fellowship arrangements for foreign students in Germany Whatever your subject, if you are good at it and are interested in working for higher education, you can apply for a grant. The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is the most helpful, However, the application for grants should be like that of professionals.

4. For students from developing countries, getting a visa to study in Germany is a bit complicated. They have to apply for a visa with several days in hand And after coming to Germany, you sometimes have to go to Auslander Behward or to a government office designated for foreigners.

5. After coming to Germany, you will receive various letters regularly. You will even know when and what kind of dirt can be kept in front of the house through a letter. It would be wise to store all the letters. However, do not make the mistake of answering as needed One of the annoying aspects of living in Germany is the country’s complicated bureaucratic process. All these letters are part of that process

It is also true that it is possible to live in big German cities without knowing German. In addition, several universities now have the opportunity to teach in English However, if you can learn a little German, living in the country will be much easier And if you want to work in Germany after graduation, then it is very important to know the language. In this case, Deutsche Welle’s German language course can help you.

Germany’s major universities provide accommodation for foreign students. However, it is not mandatory to take their services. Many times the student does not like the apartment was chosen by the university. Hopefully, there are many websites from which to choose a place to stay The work is difficult, However, try to stay in a place where German students live Then learning the language will be easier for you.

How to Apply Online?

All the applications and scholarships of different universities in Germany can be found online from the websites of different universities. Students can also take advice directly from students currently studying in Germany from the website of the Bangladeshi Student and Alumni Association in Germany ( All the information about the education system of Germany, daily life, study-job facilities is available from this site. Scholarship in Germany.

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