School-college will be closed if infected Minister of Education

Education Minister Dipu Moni has reiterated that if there is a risk of spreading corona infection, the educational institutions will be closed if necessary. But so far no such situation has happened anywhere.

The education minister was responding to a question from reporters at the Shilpakala Academy in the capital on Saturday. Dipu Moni said, she has said before, if you think somewhere, there is a risk of spreading the infection, if the need to close the educational institution, then do not hesitate. But so far such a situation has not happened anywhere. But if it happens somewhere, action must be taken.

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The education minister said, ‘I am monitoring the situation. So far, we have heard of the transition of some of the educational institutions, which are primary schools, to a few educational institutions. They are from the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, they are looking into them and taking necessary action.

Regarding the death of a secondary school student in Manikganj, the education minister said they had spoken to the civil surgeon, who had only come to the school once on September 15, 7-8 days after his corona was reported identified and he died. The civil surgeon said that the student came to the school one day. He did not have any symptoms then. For the reason that there is no need to test everyone anymore, observation is still being done. However, one of the tenth class has been identified. Everyone in the class was tested, but no one was identified.

Dipu Moni said that so far no truth has been found about the reports of students being attacked by corona in the school through social media. “We are searching everywhere immediately,” he said. But the hope is that the students writing on social media are attacked here, attacked there, we have not found the truth anywhere so far. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. So we have to keep a sharp eye. ‘

The education minister said he did not want to bring pre-primary children to school at the moment. Asked if they would be brought one day a week, the minister said, ‘No, not at all. Not at the moment. Let them stay home now. After three weeks, I will decide again what can be done.

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