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Need some good YouTube video ideas to create viral videos for the interwebs? Check this out: our ultimate list of the best YouTube ideas! Increase Your Views With These YouTube Video IdeasYouTube is a platform that can provide huge rewards for channels that get a lot of.

YouTube Niche Ideas: Ok, you are in the mindset of choosing the right niche for your channel. If your niche is perfect enough, automatically, you will be able to build your channel views, subscribers in a small panel. So, what is the right niche?

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So, What I” ll deliver to you? 10+ Profitable YouTube Channel – Best YouTube Niches 2022.

Then, the niche should be Important that you are knowledgeable about, or you are willing to learn lots about. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert. We are working for the last 12 years on different projects of Information Technology. We spent more than 7 days to complete research on the Internet to make a complete list of top 50 channel ideas based on hot and trending channels and community surveys.

List of Top 10 YouTube Channel Ideas That Makes A Lot Of Money -Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners


1 – Products Unboxing

Product Unboxing is one of the top-earning youtube channels. Because new products or devices are launching on a daily basis and people want to see first look and review. Like Smartwatches and other IoT devices from tech companies like Samsung, Apple, Google, etc. You can get millions of views and subscribers easily within a very short time by just uploading product unboxing videos. That’s mean you can grow and get success easily and fast. I also shared a few youtube channels examples below for just motivation.

Products Unboxing


2 – Tech & Gadgets Reviews

Tech and Gadgets are also similar to unboxing channel niche but have another thing that is not on product reviews that is tech talk and information videos. People make videos on tech & gadgets for the reaction and reviews so people can understand it for education. This niche also very popular these days, so you can make a lot of money by just spending a little money. You can make 1000$ easily from 4-5 videos after gaining thousands or million views.

Tech & Gadgets Reviews

3 – Gaming Videos

Ahh! This is one of the most trending youtube niches that have millions of youtube channels but still have 1000% chances to grow. Because there are many types of viewers that are based on demographics such as genders (Male & Female), Age (18-50), etc. Thousands of games are launching every day. It still highly demands creator or gamers to make videos on it. So, If you’re gamer or love to play games then you can earn good money by uploading your videos to teach people. You may know that PubG is also one of the trending games in 2022.

Gaming Videos


4 – Life Hacks Videos

Life Hacks videos are getting a good amount of views and money by making something which is helpful for us from wasteful material.
You don’t need to spend big money on this but need a mastermind to make new things. Anyways, this type of channel can give you at least 3000$-5000$ monthly based on your quality and content.

Life Hacks Videos

5 – Social Experiments

Nowadays, Social Experiments are trending and most watching videos. These videos want from you just time, not money. These videos play an important role to give lessons to our society. So, people like to see what happened in these experiments and that’s why they can’t stop clicking on these videos. You can grow easily but need some patience and hard work.


6 – Pranks & Entertainment

I don’t think that you’re not familiar with these channels if you are searching a niche for your channel. These videos are trending on the top of the youtube results. But pranks videos are not easy to shoot because it is very difficult to handle people publicly. You need high confidence to make videos awesome and realistic in order to create high-quality content.  So, people like and subscribe to your channel. Your personality must be like a comedian and prank star.

Pranks & Entertainment

8 – Fail Compilation

Fail compilation is something funny and interesting thing at the moment. In my life, when I watch these videos it must bring a smile to my face. Somehow to feel very sad for people stupid reactions but you could watch hundreds of times fail compilation videos for lightening your mood. You should share with your friends and social media with background sounds and funny moments.

Example of the channel: Fail Army 

Fail Compilation

9 – Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is very important for a good and happy healthy life. If you like to do exercise and want body fitness. You can explore ideas and share your knowledge and experience with people. People are searching for these channels to get information and several ideas or methods of exercise and fitness of your body. You should create animations in your videos.

The example of the channel: Jordan Yeoh Fitness


10 – Cooking Videos

Today Cooking Videos is one of the most interesting and loving ideas for YouTube channel cooking. If you have passionate about cooking the food, then you have just one camera and also make videos at home in your kitchen for any recipe. You should be sharing your friends and Facebook page to viral the videos.

Cooking Videos

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